summer-ai sent:

▼ ★ ◇ ✿ Ψ c:

Yay so many! Thanks (:

Favorite rp blog: Tie between arigatou-sasusaku and the-uchiha-avenger!!

How many blogs I run: Three c:

How many blogs I follow: 269.

How many blogs follow me: 73 follow my anime blog, 155 follow my personal, and 123 follow my writing (:

My favorite non-rp blog that I follow: God, this is soo hard. I guess I’m going to go with my consistent tumblr crushes for this one! (not including the rp blog tumblr crushes) in-memory-of-itachi, thenarutofandom, medicninsakura (lol you n_n), naruichi, suckonmytomato, and t-o-k-i-d-o-k-i <3 

There are a lof of other blogs whom I love dearly also!! I should perhaps do a follow friday soon..hehe.