Prompt Masterlist

So I know I don’t have too many yet, but I hope this will make things a little neater (:


Sasuke and Sakura meet his RTN counterpart, gets jealous.

Sasuke shows Sakura he has a sensitive side. 


Sasuke sees Sakura in bikini.

Sakura’s birthday. 


Sasuke and Sakura are step siblings.


Itachi’s disease was genetic, and Sasuke’s starting to suffer from it.

Sasuke and Sakura are on a mission and they share a bed.

After the war, Minato and Naruto tease Sasuke about the sexual tension between him and Sakura.

Sakura kisses Sasuke on the battlefield.

Sasuke and Sakura play truth or dare while drinking. 

Sasuke breaks his leg on the battlefield; Sakura carries him piggyback style. (fluff)

Sasuke has no alcohol tolerance. (angst)

Sakura admits Sasuke wa the one who helped her get strong. 

Sasuke breaks down sometime after the war, after him and Sakura start dating. 

Itachi’s lung disease was hereditary.

Sasuke and Sakura get pierced. (Minato/Kushina parallel)

Sasuke gets jealous when Shii flirts with Sakura. (fluff)

Sasuke falls into a coma after the war/attempts suicide. (angst)

Chapter 627:

On the way to the battlefield, Sasuke finds an injured Sakura. Sakura - thinking he’s the enemy - attacks.

Chapter 631:

Sasuke still views Sakura as weak; she saves him on the battlefield. 

Sasuke gets hurt protecting Sakura. In the medical tents afterwards, she asks him why he did that.

Chapter 634: 

Sasuke saves Sakura/Sakura saves Sasuke

For ssmonth:

Sakura confronts Sasuke about their relationship. (nsfw)

holding hands

lessons learned


misspent youth



the deep end

accidents happen

between you and me